Sargol Saffron


most economical saffron for import Sargol Saffron
Sargol Saffron | most economical saffron for import : sargol saffron consists only of Dark Red Stigma (thread) Tips. So. in other words all the white and orange parts are removed. This saffron is the second most expensive type of saffron after Negin Saffron. Sargol in Farsi means the top of the flower.


Quality of saffron is based on 3 factors:

Crocin is a chemical that is responsible for the color of Saffron. The higher the Crocin the higher the coloring strength of Saffron. Customers demand high Crocin level Saffron.
Safranal is a constituent responsible for the aroma of Saffron. In other words, it is why saffron smells how it does.
Picrocrocin is why saffron tastes a little bit bitter and it is responsible for the taste of Saffron.

All Red Sargol
1 Crocin (Coloring Strength) minimum 205-225
2 Safranal (flavor & smell) minimum 35
3 Picrocrocin (bitterness) minimum 80
4 Moisture under 8%


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