Kabkab Dates


The origin of Kabkab Dates
These dates are cultivated in southern Iran.
The types of Kabkab Dates
Kabkab dates have many different types.


There are two types of Kabkab consumed in Iran, one is very juicy and sticky, and the other one is dry and less juicy.
Usually, in the world market, dry Kabkabs are exported, but in Iran, people prefer the juicy Kabkab.
However, many foreign buyers of Kabkab dates prefer to choose the type without juice
Kabkab dates properties
These dates have a lot of energy for daily consumption.
These dates have enough magnesium.
Due to the presence of iron in the structure of the Kabkab Dates, these dates can be suitable for people with low blood pressure.
Due to the presence of vitamin C, these dates are a good cure for the common cold.
These dates can also be used to enhance vision.
In addition, these dates have B1 and B2 vitamins


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