Dried Fig A


This is the most favorable type for export, due to being competitive in price. This type of dried fig has some differences to other types, firstly the majority of figs in this type are closed mouth and the color of this type should be white or yellow but having some brown color figs are also acceptable. The size of figs is in the range of 14 to 22 mm. it’s also possible to see some open mouth figs in this type.


Type:         A / Sun Dried
Color:       Natural white/yellow and a bit brown
Size:          20 > Diameter > 16 mm
Shape:      100% close mouth
Moisture: 12% -14%
Shelf life:  12 Months
Packing:   10 kg – 12.5 kg carton or as customer’s request
Storage:   In cool and dry place (0 – 4℃)


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