Chopped Dates


made from the best of shokaveld dry dates, with long shelf life to keep outside of the refrigerator, still
many asking what is the Chopped Date? Chopped date are made from drought dates, which after
separating the pit by a pitting machine the date is chopped into same size pieces and to avoid the
pastiness and add more dryness the pieces are rolled in high quality corn flour. These also called date
chips are the best sugar alternative, and it is a good option for diabetic patients. To order the chopped
dates and get the price of chopped Dates


Chopped date have a high nutritional value and is good for all age groups.
Some of the nutritional experts believe: The palm tree is one of the oldest known fruit trees for humans.
Mankind started to realize the nutrition value of this plant and how to grow it since six thousand years
Chopped Dates have high nutritional value and diabetic patients who are suffering from high sugar can
use this product. Chopped date have high shelf life and no pit.
Chopped dates The chopped Dates are suitable to use with tea instead of sugar and for making different
kinds of pies and snacks. It is rich in vitamins and salts.Date is a good alternative for glucose instead of
sugar.They also mentioned the nutritional value of 100 grams of Chopped Dates as following: Theprotein contained in 100 grams of chopped date is 20 to 50 percent, 50 milligrams of phosphorus and 89
milligrams of magnesium, contains 0.6 Mg of B2 vitamins 0.3 Mg of vitamin B1 and the amount of iron
and vitamin C in 100 grams of Chopped Dates is 2.6 milligrams.


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