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Hello, we are an agricultural company with experienced engineers and 15 years of experience. Our head office is in the Netherlands and we have companies in the Middle East. We met you at the exhibition NATIONAL EXPORT EVENT IN HOLLAND and held a meeting with you and promised cooperation and guidance.
Products that we can offer specialized pistachios. Saffron . Fresh dates and All kinds of medicinal plants ,all kinds of essential oils, especially the skin essential oil of pistachio and rosemary ,saffron etc…
We are ready to cooperate to supply the raw materials of factories, for example, for making cheese or perfume or all kinds of vodka. Also products in full We sell all products as Dutch products by our foundation in the Netherlands and all transfers of our central company in the Netherlands.
We are very interested Commercial section of the Dutch Embassy in the respective country to helping our company so that we can find our international markets as a Dutch company and connect us to the big buyers.
We look forward to hearing from you
Best regards
Shoksveld Agri International Holding Groups
shokaveld stichting KVK :66961025
Shokaveld Cooperative KVK: 70740836

Our Service

Scope of services:

  • Assessment of Market potential for each product identified in the scope of business by identifying the market size in terms of import volumes from various countries, Average FOB/C&F value, Retail Prices, trade channels, import taxes if any.
  • Identification of the potential collaborators / partner companies to work for the joint development of the products.
  • Value chain development (from Farm to Fork) of identified products which will lead to actual commercial exports.
  • Development of detailed business plan for each category and execution of the plan to deliver commercial profits
  • Identification of the major stakeholders involved in the trade and their respective commissions / margins.
  • Assist the Association team for the development of organization systems, processes, digital on-line traceability and across the functions, systems of cultivation and processes development.
  • Negotiations on behalf of the Association to work out a mutually beneficial business deal with the buyers.


• Successful product and cultivation development for the various markets.
• Manage successful product trials & commercial shipments
• Business contacts with buyers for the identified product lines
• Volume targets for the individual product lines as mutual agreed and made part of this agreement.
• Product reception and inspection at the receiving end identifying potential improvement areas for feedback
• Up scaling & volume enhancement of the developed products.


Quarter wise activity plan will be developed, spanning across functions with clear timelines and responsibility.
• There will be a regular monthly review of activities deliverables through electronic communication, skype etc. Report of the monthly review will be sent to the G.M. of the Association.
• There will be a comprehensive quarterly review of the deliverables. G.M. of the Association will participate in the quarterly review.

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