Rosa Damascena


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1-essential oils of Rosa Damascene
2-bud Rosa Damascene

if you wish to know more about Persian rose flower export data, you come to the right place, A beauty for any garden that has room for a climbing rose The small flowers have a rich clove-like scent and are pale pink with fluffy yellow centers. They are seen on the plant from early summer until the autumn
Rosa Damascena Oil is taken along with rose-water from approximately 150 tones of Rosa Damascena flower also known as Damascus Rose and the oil is also known as “Rose Otto” in Europe.
Iran exports 15 to 20 Kilograms of Rosa Damascena Oil a year mostly to Germany, Switzerland, France, United Sates and Malaysia. The product is mostly used for producing high quality perfumes and cosmetics but it is also very good for pain relief, heart disease and skin care.






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